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  • Single point of accountability – we take responsibility for the design and construction quality, cost and programme.

  • Focus on buildability – as experienced contractors we can contribute our specialist knowledge of construction methods and materials from the outset, working with the architects and engineers to maximise design and functionality while keeping a close eye on cost, programme, health & safety and environmental management.

  • Cost certainty – we start negotiating with our network of trusted subcontractors and suppliers to establish costs in the design phase, giving our clients all the cost information they need to make changes or add scope.

  • Cost savings – decisions that are made during the concept and design stages will impact the programme and cost of the project more than at any other stage of the building process.

  • Time savings – we’re in control of the programme from the outset, so we can arrange materials, labour and consultancy services when they’re needed. Downtime is often much reduced, enabling us to complete the project sooner.

  • Improved Risk Management – we take responsibility for developing drawings and specifications as well as building the project – costly variations for errors and omissions are virtually eliminated.

We have strong relationships with consultants in Auckland who we work with regularly as design & build partners. We can form and manage a team of architects and engineers to best suit your project, or we’re happy to work with you and your team.



So where to go from here?

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